What next?

I’m so excited I just purchased my very first letterpress- a Kelsey Excelsior Model c 3x5!! I say first because I hope to master this art on this smaller machine and then graduate to a larger press one day!

I know that I need rollers, ink, furniture, etc… I just don’t know where to get it all. I think eBay is a good place to start, but I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for.

Can anyone give me advice on where to go now for my supplies? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Call Fritz at NA Graphics. He can help you with everything you need and all your questions. He is even a nice guy.


eBay is often an expensive way to go about getting supplies. You may wish to network with other printers here or in person.

If you’re located near Silverton, CO or Indianapolis, IN or Chicopee, MA you’re in luck. They’re the homes of NA Graphics, Churchman’s Boutique de Junque and Letterpress Things respectively. NA Graphics and Letterpress Things also have web sites. Check the Yellow pages area on this web site. Los Angeles has the International Printing History Museum. Where are you?

A 3x5 doesn’t need much furniture or type; you can only fill up about 1/3 to 1/2 of a chase and still get a reasonable impression. You’ll fiddle with the impression screws a lot. And you’ll probably have a lot of fun.

Thank you for responding. I know you get a lot of newbies asking the same questions again and again. (and again!)

I am in Orange County, CA- so that makes me closest to the museum in LA. I will definitely look that up.

I was thinking that I wasn’t going to be able to get much on a 3x5- mostly monograms and that sort of thing.

Thanks again!

You should be able to do a bit more than monograms. Business cards should work quite well.

Find out when the next Docent Saturday is at the Museum and show up to meet a whole bunch of printers. You’ll work a bit and learn a lot.

I just purchased the same press, and was wondering you have advice or info on what you’ve found.