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Letterpress printing pressure per square inch3 Oct 22
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To use the chase with set screws, get...5 Sep
You do not say where you are. Many...4 Sep
If you are talking about a platen...28 Aug
I also am late to the party, but I am...22 Aug
There are solutions you can add to the...4 Aug
Make the dimensions to match the press...16 Jul
My guess is that it was something like...16 Jul
I am very interested to know if any of...6 Jun
One thing John could tell you, Sara, is...27 May
There is no evidence to prove it but...9 May
Contact me via BP if you would like a...9 May
That press looks almost exactly like...9 May
Probably your best bet is to send the...26 Mar
I am very saddened by this news even...8 Mar
If the paper can handle it try...7 Mar
Make it rather small and be sure a...20 Feb
Gonna take a wild stab without...20 Feb
If your linocuts are wood mounted to...28 Jan
Actually, if the roller bearers, the...14 Jan
I believe Fram is correct about the...14 Jan
The low part of the face looks to be...13 Jan
Accidental double-tap29 Dec
Check the numeral one box too. Some...29 Dec
Technically it is a “copying...16 Dec
Here are a crude diagram for the C&P...14 Dec
A number of years ago Virginia...14 Dec
Roger, I have not tried alternatives. I...2 Nov
Gordon, where is the press? I would...31 Oct
John, I have had good luck with a heat...30 Oct
This is a similar-size modern wooden...30 Oct
This is a tabletop Albion on a special...30 Oct
I would give it a bath, after removing...12 Oct
I outlined the link in the previous...24 Sep
Here is the press closed. Note that the...24 Sep
Here is a side view of that side of my...23 Sep
If it has a round base and the bed...20 Sep
Alva B. Taylor had been R. Hoe &Co’s...17 Sep
Does the chase fit on the bed and lock...21 Aug
If by the “Boston principle” you...20 Aug
Tarbett & Fraser was a company in...8 Aug