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The four images here are when the throw...23 Sep
Here are four images when the throw off...23 Sep
Hi Geoffrey, No, it's a new setup....23 Sep
Update: I removed the extra packing but...23 Sep
Thanks to Geoffrey's clue I removed all...23 Sep
Hi John, No regarding the grippers....23 Sep
Thanks Inky. The thing I can't figure...24 Sep
First off, thank you for the great...24 Sep
Hi Bruce, I'm sorry i gave that...25 Sep
Yes, as mentioned I used the .900"...25 Sep
Hi Lee, So I should be setting the...25 Sep
Thanks Mike. Okay, I just sprayed...25 Sep
Hi Inky, I was was referring to the...25 Sep
Thanks for all the advice. I've ordered...26 Sep
Okay, here's the latest: This...29 Sep
So I have emailed the forum moderators...17 Nov
Hey James - me too! There is a...17 Nov
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