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Wow. I can't lie, I'm on the verge of...8 Jun
Exactly what presses are available?8 Jun
I'd love details once you have em. The...8 Jun
Also, some complete fonts as well.8 Jun
Yeah, it's a really nice restoration...9 Jun
So, what IS my maximum image...10 Jun
Their site was working just the other...23 Jun
Wow, really? That's the way it was...25 Jun
Ehh, I don't think so. That seems even...25 Jun
Should that bar be bent/curved toward...25 Jun
I tried adjusting the roller stop...26 Jun
No bias here. I was concerned about the...27 Jun
Gotcha. Makes sense.12 Jul
How much $$?12 Jul
I'd love to see some pics and...14 Jul
I've seen several, just looking to see...14 Jul
Alan from Excelsior Press makes a...15 Jul
So I would need to pack the actual...16 Jul
Gotcha. Thank you very much!16 Jul
Got em. Thanks. =)17 Jul
I didn't buy it, neither did anyone...19 Jul
Good question, Laren. I'd like to know...26 Jul
Anyone? For whatever reason I'm...29 Jul
Well, in particular I'm interested in...31 Jul
I may have one available to me soon....31 Jul
That auction I linked to is not the...2 Aug
Off topic maybe, but if there are any...2 Aug
Anyone have any experience with these...5 Aug
n/a10 Aug
This is hard. Another Letterpress...10 Aug
Is there some known way to create...10 Aug
Flourish sounds about right. As for a...12 Aug
Paul Moxon from vandercookpress.info...14 Aug
n/a15 Aug
n/a16 Aug
Ha... "available on VHS, BETA, or...18 Aug
Excelsior Press in New Jersey has lots...19 Aug
3-in-1 is the best way to go?31 Aug
I picked up some 3-in-1. Seems to work...2 Sep
I noticed the same thing. They...22 Sep