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Thank Vrooooom! I'm going to see if I...9 Mar
Thanks Dick I'll give don a call23 Mar
Thanks Rick I'm out in Canada...26 Mar
Well I was able to clean off the...27 Mar
Thanks dick I'm going to look around...27 Mar
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Dick do you know where I could purchase...27 Mar
@Denis Thanks!!!.. ahhh being in...27 Mar
@ inky Thanks! Does anyone know...28 Mar
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@Dennis Thanks for the quick reply!...28 Mar
@ Dennis and @ Vrooooom Thanks! Do...28 Mar
@ Vrooooom Thanks James I'll send...28 Mar
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If you need pictures I can take pics of...29 Mar
Thanks for the response Dick! I'm...31 Mar
Thanks everyone for the timely...31 Mar
Finished repainting restoring the 3x5...18 Apr
@dickg Thanks dick18 Apr