Britannia platen Press

I’ve recently purchased a Britannia platen press ( B.Porter, Leeds), unfortunately it came without a tympan and top piece.
I’ve started to manufacture a new tympan, cut the outer frame to the correct length, so it covers the whole of the bed, still to attach it, but have noticed that the tympan, when the bed is fully retracted, the lever is hanging over the bed, I can push it further towards the main frame, which will allow the tympan to be raised. Question:- is there any adjustment possible which will position the lever nearer to the main frame? Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

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The one Britannia I have a photo of is rather low resolution, but it appears there is an adjustment on the link from the bar to the toggle, at the toggle end, but depending on the way that link attaches to the bar there may not be much more travel available.