Golding Pearl No. 11 platen letterpress machine

Asking $2800
It’s a bittersweet day, that I have to say goodbye to this press. I just can’t feasibly move it down the east coast, so I am hoping to find a new local home for it! I purchased this from a local printer in 2016, and have enjoyed every moment of it living in my home and studio!

I have successfully printed small works as big as 5 x 7 on it, but do not recommend any heavily covered designs at that size.

The press has a throw off lever, hand brake, feed tray, foot treadle, built in roller storage, No rust or cracks. Great press for a beginner printer!

Press is currently located in walk-out basement — to garage and drive way. Flywheel and ink disc can come off. I have been told the press can be removed from the base, but I have not done so, and would only recommend if you know what you are doing! It was moved here in one piece. Press is currently on wood blocks.

Along with the press It includes…
TWO 7x11 chase
— 6x9 deep relief boxcar base (for use with KF152 plates)
— 3 rollers and 6 trucks
— assorted inks
— Assorted furniture and reglets
— Some Henry Compressible Gage Pins to get you started
— Quoins and Key (for locking up base or type)
— Lead type (if you want it!)
— A few type drawers if you need them

This press is in wonderful condition and has everything you need to start printing.

Weighs about 800lbs.
Pick-up only - walk out basement.
Sadly need to be out of here in by August 4 — hope it can find it’s new printing friends!!!

PHOTOS in my drop box (had issues uploading to briar press)

Contact: jen pepper
[email protected]

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