Golding, C&P Letterpresses & Mergenthaler Linotype

Closing shop and clearing out the building. 3 – Goldings (1ea. #8, #9 & #21). 1 - C&P 14 ½” x 22” chase. All in working order. Used for 50+ years to print on wood rulers. 1 – Mergenthaler Linotype Model 31 No. 72841. Was running when moved here in the late 1980’s but never used and in cold storage since.
Golding #9 & #21 are on loading dock level. Golding #8 & C&P is on ground floor. $250 ea. OBO. Mergenthaler is on ground floor. $350 OBO. More pictures & serial numbers avail. on request. You arrange and pay for pick up..

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image: Golding.8.jpg


image: Golding.9.jpg


image: Golding.21.jpg


image: Linotype Left Side.jpg

Linotype Left Side.jpg