Does Anyone Know What I Have?

This was in my father-in-law’s estate.
The type is very heavy, appears to be brass, and is approx. 3/4” high. My husband thought it might be the molds for making type, as the letters aren’t mirror image like regular metal type. I don’t have any idea of it’s value or if it is still usable. I have a 350+ pc. lot - both U/L case (incomplete alpha), complete 0-9 numbers and extensive punctuation pcs.
If you have any idea of what I may have, I would really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

image: 029.JPG


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You have Ludlow mats,yes brass,yes for casting ludlow type.Best James

And it would appear to be Goudy (Old Style) Bold…

Bill Whitley

Looking at the pictures, your mats appear to be in good condition. If want to sell them, please let me know.


Did Ludlow have a Goudy?
I thought that was an ATF exclusive.
My Ludlow catalogs are pre WW2
and I don’t know their later stuff.

I believe that Ludlow offered Goudy.

Of interest in the matrices shown is that the capitals and figure 5 appear to be Goudy Bold, but a closer look at the lowercase “b” makes me think it might be Goudy Handtooled! Perhaps she has matrices for both Goudy Bold and Goudy Handtooled??????

Good Old Foolproof is right, Ludlow offered a Goudy Old Style font, but called it No. 11, I presume to avoid liability for use of the design.