Oil Based Not Drying

Hey everyone, I’m hoping you can help. I’ve printed PMS 877 (metallic [oil based] silver) on some Plike paper. It was just some type on business cards, so it’s nothing too heavy.

It. Won’t. Dry. It’s almost been 5 days and it’s still smearing and offsetting. Any ideas?


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don’t know what plike paper is, but when i have trouble with ink drying i hit it with a little heat, sometimes it works, if not iwould dust it and raise print it. dick g.

Dust and raise print? I’m unfamiliar. Can you explain?

Plike: according to Legion.


That Pline looks like a totally non-absorbant stock, and you might need to use special inks such as VS Tough-Tex. I never had any problem with silver or gold ink drying on non-absorbant stock, and I wonder if something is wrong with the ink. Is it new? Had vehicle and pigment separated?
You might have to rerun with “hardener” added to the ink. That is an additive from Hurst Graphics that is a drier, which also makes the ink more rub-resistant.
“Dust and raise print” would be thermography. But plastic stock probably isn’t something you’d run through the heater used in the process.

I have used Van Son Tough Tex on Plike. I’m not particularly fond of the stock, but this combination does work.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I’ve seen this combo work before.

And yes they did separate. I haven’t used it in a few months. I didn’t mix it back in. Woops.

plastic stock probably would not work with thermography. tough tex works well but does it come in silver? the only thing i found to work on a plastic like stock would be to foil stamp it. dick g.

We did a silver run on Plike a few years ago - the smudging was a huge problem and the client eventually went with a foil stamp.

Have a go with cobalt dryers - add 3% per volume of ink.

I have even added white spirit.

Best wishes Carl

Look for Oxy-Bind ink as well. It’s designed to dry completely through evaporation. We used it often for polyethylene label stock. Just don’t let it sit on the rollers for very long.

since your pieces are already printed though you may want to try spreading them out and putting them under a heat lamp for a few days.