Cost for professionally moving a press….

I’m just trying to get an idea for how much it would cost to have a press moved professionally, from someone else’s basement into my own. I know the basement issue will make it more expensive. Also, the press I’m looking at is very close to me, just the next town over. And lastly, what type of movers do I contact? I know that “movers” probably won’t cut it, but what should I look for…any pointers (company names, etc.) would be great. I’m located near Chicago. Thanks!

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Try to get a hold of Paul Aken at the Platen Press Museum in Zion, IL (north of Chicago). Paul has moved dozens of presses in the area and probably would be your best source for suggestions/information. His phone number is 847-746-8170.

Someone who specializes in moving letterpresses would be ideal. After than any rigging company should be able to move it with a fair amount of assurance. You want to be sure your getting riggers and not just movers. Riggers deal fairly exclusively with moving all sorts of machinery.

What Lammy say, whuddever you do employ a rigging specialist. There are so many machines out there that have been dropped on their sides by amateur movers, or even professionals who are otherwise competent, but not up to the task of moving large top heavy printing machinery.

Last thing you want to hear is: “Oops! Sorry about all those broken handles, dude. Yesterday we moved this big stereo. It weighed, like, 300 pounds.”

Call Ed Regan in Rensselaer, Indiana. He has been moving printing presses professionally for years and years and has the knowledge and equipment needed. (

I had a neighbor with a forklift offer to lift a Heidelberg Windmill up one step for me and he hit the door frame and dumped the press. That was the last of my Heidelberg!


Windmills are notoriously top-heavy, and there is a right way - and several million WRONG ways - to move them. My #1 foil press was dropped at some time in the past, and both the speed handle (old style) and the table-go-downer are broken off. It is evident that someone tried to weld them back on, but you know cast metal…

Now I have to live with that on a daily basis. Ouch!

One thing about professional printing machinery movers: They break it, they buy it. That is what you are really paying for, even if it’s just across the room.

So…..thanks for all the horror stories! I think we’re going to go with Ed Regan! Thanks a bunch. What a great group this is…. :)

For others in Chicago area, I do suggest Paul as well. He moved my press (though I did buy it from him as well) and he was as sweet as pie. Just a top notch guy and ace press mover.