Uploading photos to Briar Press ads, listings and forums

When submitting an ad or listing, or adding a comment in a Discussion forum, simply scroll down the page in the appropriate form until you come to the section of the page that is labeled “Image,” “Images,” or “Attach an image.”

1. Click on the green button with the arrow that says “Attach images.” A box will open that says “Attach new file” under which will be a link that says “Choose File.”

2. A new window will open that will show the files on your computer. Navigate to the file you wish to upload. Select the file with your curser.

3. At the bottom right of the page you will see “Cancel” and “Choose.” To upload the file, click “Choose.” The page showing your computer files will close and the original form will be displayed.

4. A thumbnail image of your photo will appear after the “Choose File” link. Click on the green button that says “Attach selected file.” An indicator will show that the file is uploading and the file will appear.

At the bottom of the page, click on the green button that says “Submit.” Your ad, comment or listing will be submitted along with the attached photo.

If you have followed these directions and your photo does not show up, see Why won’t my photos upload?.