Challenge 19-3/8” Manual Paper Cutter

OK. I have a big big problem. My movers lost the bolts to hold the blade in place on my paper cutter. Does anyone know where to get replacements and/or what size?

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Depending on the age of your cutter it probably uses standard SAE thread bolts. Measure the diameter of the bolt holes carefully and go to your local hardware store and get one or two close sizes (if the hole appears to be 3/8” it’s probably 7/16 or 1/2 allowing for the thread diameter) and try them. If one fits go back and get enough of that size to fill all the holes. Be sure you measure the thickness of the metal the threaded holes are in as well as the blade and get bolts that long — there may be clearance issues behind if the bolts are too long. I b elieve some cutters used countersunk screws for the blade, but those should also be available.

Caution, someone could get hurt. There are various grades of bolts. Hardware store bolts do not have the necessary sheer strength for critical applications. Worse, they are usually sourced from third world countries that may “cheat” on the minimal specs. In my opinion, this application is a critical application of a sheer load. (No pun).

This is also a recurring issue with some guys who rebuild old and antique cars until a wheel (or worse) falls off due to using “plain” rather than high strength (graded) fasteners.

I would think grade 8 bolts or higher would do.

Here’s some info on bolt strengths.

I checked the bolts on our hydraulic cutter and they are unmarked.