Crane lettra paper

I’m having letterpress invitations made on Crane lettra cover (pearl white). I would like to include an insert that I laser print myself. Any suggestions as to what paper would match (or contrast appropriately)? Can I laser print on lettra? If so, anywhere I can get only 10 sheets??
Thank you!!

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Laser printers typically don’t manage Lettra well because it is thick and textured. What colors are you using on your invitations so that we may be able to suggest a contrasting paper.

Crane’s Palette Pearl White 80# Text would work for what you need… but I don’t know where to find it in small quantities.


You can find the text weight white on the Crane’s website.


However, i don’t know if it is laser guaranteed.

i know i have used Mohawk Superfine 80 text vellum finish in color white and it works well with Lettra’s pearl color. it def lasers well.

hope this helps.


Thanks so much, Brad and Carolina! For the text and graphics I am using Pantone 377 and either 190 or 805 (any suggestions on 190 vs 805?). I thought about using a contrasting color, but wasn’t sure what would work. The Mohawk superfine white might be a good option. I believe it is available at a local paper store.

You can go to the Crane website, call customer service and ask what paper they carry that is textured in Pearl White that is laser compatible.

Customer Service: 1-800-268-2281

Actually, Paper Source’s Superfine Softwhite matches wonderfully and it comes in text weight and cover. And you can buy it in 10-sheet packs. :)

Thanks, littlemisspress! That sounds perfect and there is a location nearby. Easy!

Heidi- I just checked out your Pantone colors. isn’t 805 fluorescent orange? Seems like 190 is a much better pairing with 377. Lovely! Paper Source has a color called Strawberry that is more like 191. Otherwise you’re probably best off printing on white vs. colored paper. Good luck with it!

littlemisspress—Thanks for catching this. Somehow, we ended up with 805, which is supposed to be a pale pink, just a bit lighter than 190. I’m freaking out because I don’t know what happened, and I did not want neon orange/red on my invites! It sure does look like we accidentally ended up with the wrong number.

Heidi- I was mistaken- it is Superfine White, not Soft White, that matches. So sorry- I hope you haven’t completed the project.