CD Sleeves- Recommendations?

I am printing some promo CD sleeves for a client, and I’m having a hard time finding blank, white, plain, uncoated/ non-glossy, sleeves to print on: Something that looks like the sleeves at the bottom of this page ( but suitable for letterpress.

Stumptown sells some unfolded, scored sleeves, but only offer brown ones on their website…

Any suggestions?


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You might want to try uline:—Sleeves

Though they seem to have about the equivalent selection.

I don’t know if you know anyone with a Bobst or Moll machine. Then you could print the cut blanks and have them finished.

If the heavy sleeve at the bottom of the page you linked to is what you need, it should be printable by letterpress as well as screen process. You would have to deal with a quite heavy seam down the middle of the back, I assume, but you’ll have that with any similar envelope.

I’d order a few and see how difficult it is to print with appropriate makeready.


I DID order some like those pictured. The problem was that the finish wouldn’t allow the ink to settle into the paper well. It smeared upon delivery on my windmill and continued to be subject to smearing after over an hour later. Also, solids did not print solidly- they looked almost textured.

I requested a sample from Uline today. We’ll see….


I have made a number of CD covers for local artists.We make the steel rule dies here the diecut, foil stamp,emboss or letterpress print on site.Check out youtube re CD covers uploaded today by 937die(the vid is my son running his own covers). You may find a local diecutter to barter with or purchase from’

Try Stumptown printers out here in beautiful Portland Oregon. I have used their blank sleeves and they work great!

Matt, If you are serious about having a particular stock done let me know. I will get a die quote from my die maker and bust you out as many as you need. I have some nice 130# Bright white Cougar stock on had at the moment or if you want to take it up a notch I have Lettra pearl white 110#

Won’t be as cheap as Uline or sleeve town but might be an option. just let me know.


Thanks folks.

Stumptown didn’t carry basic sleeves in white, and I couldn’t find anyone else who sold uncoated white sleeves, so I went ahead and did the diecutting myself. Thanks, Cody, for the offer, but we DO have a Windmill. We may as well act like it…

All’s well that ends well, but I’m I wrong in thinking it’s odd that CD sleeves like that would be so hard to get?


Relyco makes pre cut (laser perfed) blanks. This is primarily for digital print and is on cast coated C1S. Our rep however told s they will make special request items as well, which means you should be able to get their cd sleeve item made in any paper you like.