Golding #3 Old Style - Fixing Feedboard arms and trays - Help!

I am getting some new feed board arms and trays from Mike Anton in September but it is SUPER difficult to work without these. Can anyone help with a temporary fix?

Also, my feed board trays are the kind that are flat and touching each other, like on the improved pearl. I want the ones where the tray is a few inches off the other board - anyone know where to purchase supplies to make that happen?

Here are images of my issue and the way I want the trays to look! Thanks in advance for your help!


PS - yes I have cleaned her off and she does look much better now this is a photo from the original purchase!

image: Pearl_6.JPG


image: MikeAntonb.jpg


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Hi Brandi,
I have a vintage Golding feed board bracket just like the one you show in your photo at left. Do your boards have the original hardware for the flat version? I might be up for a swap for the old boards and hardware. I can send you photos of the original Golding bracket.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Hi, who has info on, how can I contact, Mike Anton about my Pearl rollers/keepers etc?? Jim