C&P Saddle Spring size

Hi All
While cleaning up my new 8x12 C&P OS I noticed that all four Saddle Springs were pretty much toast. Someone on here gave me the link to mcmaster.com where I can purchase new ones but I need to know the proper size (outside diameter, wire size, overall length) for each spring. Can anyone help me out? I want to make sure that I get the right ones. Also, if anyone knows of a treadle that is available I’d love to take it off your hands. Thanks and also thanks to everyone here for your help with getting my new baby going!

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It would be interesting to know what the difficulty is with the springs in your press. What is it that indicates they need to be replaced? How do you evaluate them?

Two of the springs have been worn flat on one side and can be twisted, etc. and the other two have compressed and one of the rollers doesn’t always return properly. They didn’t look too bad until I removed them for cleaning and discovered the wear.

Hern Iron Works in Idaho has the treadle. They have a web site which you can google. Joel Brown is the sales guy and he is a very pleasant person to chat with on the phone. He will fix you up.

Bill Baer

I purchased a Treadle back in September from Hern, thanks. The Treadle works great but it seems that I have an odd size frame on my C&P (too wide), the hinge pin is not quite long enough to insert both cotter pins and as a result keeps sliding out. Joel is working with the G.M. there to make a special hinge pin for my press. Joel has been awsome and very pleasant to deal with.

Be extremely careful removing and installing those saddle springs. They can let loose and easily take out an eye.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thanks, I always stand on the side when removing and installing the springs, there is definitely a lot of force when they slip and I’d hate to be in their way!