I have deep trobule with my 6x10 Kelsey

Hi every one,
I recently bought a kelsey 6X10 table top press.
And I been try to make my personal card, as a start.
but something is not working and i don’t know what it is.
I attached some of the latest press.
I’m using poly plate with boxcar base with NA Graphic rubber base inks.I used low black. can you guys help me out with this. please.



image: 1.jpg


image: 2.jpg


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Does the plate look normal after it has been inked? Are the inked areas clean looking and sharply imaged? It looks like something is getting “smooshed” somewhere in the process.

Your photo desn’t show the packing on the platen. Is it lying flat and smooth and there are no wrinkles throughout the packing?

Another shot of the rollers and trucks as they come up on the rails might also be a good phototo post to the list.

Is that smearing happening on the press or is that something you’ve done to redact information for this post? Doesn’t seem possible on a press…



Yep, looks like too much ink and a smear caused by placing the printed piece on the glass when scanning.

Have you used ink reduction?

every one.
thanks for the suggestions.

jhenry plate is flat as it can be.

Devils Tail Press & cmcgarr I also guessed that too much ink on roller. I tried to adjust roller heights adding paper on rails. but it was just a thin paper difference between touching the inks or not so…. I guess, I’ll try to use hand-brayer next time. or is there other way to adjust it?

I didn’t used ink reductions, does it help? or make it worst?

I cleaned everything, and will try again tomorrow, I’ll take a new picture with “hopefully” improved results.

thank you everyone, I really appreciate this.


Too much ink was the problem.
I tried to use hand roller and one roller on rail.
but putting the right amount of the ink to the plate seems very hard to do.
is there any good tips for inking?
or just mor practice to use it?

thank you for all your help.


image: 3.jpg


More practice and always start with less. It’s far easier to add a dab more if the color is too light than it is to clean it off after it’s too heavy.