Please help - Is this a Haddon swift Platen?


I have found a press being auctioned online with very little info on offer only that it is a John Haddon could someone kindly tell me if this is a swift platen or something else and any other thoughts you have on the press and its letterpressing abilities for a card business gratefully appreciated!

image: 119249606.jpg


image: 119249617.jpg


image: 119249633.jpg


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never seen one of these presses, it looks like something is missing, but i could be wrong. if i was buying a press i would go for a c&p, there pretty common, so parts are easy to come by. good luck dick g.

I’m no expert on these, but it appears to me that everything is there. You’ve got a treadle and rod, rollers and trucks and even a couple of chases.

Dick- Is there something specific that you think is missing?

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

In the first photo it looks like the name of the manufacturer is cast into the side of the frame so that would confirm who made it. There was an earlier thread with photos on Haddon-Swift presses here:

and Youtube has a video of one in operation here:

The presses at the above links look similar to each other but have a number of differences from the one in the photos you posted. Some close-up photos would be more helpful.

The H-S also seems to be an English-made press. It would be nice if you could introduce yourself and tell us where you and the press are located. If complete the press would likely have little “letterpressing” but a lot of printing ability for cards and other things.


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dan , i’m far from an expert on this, i’ve never heard of this press, but i don’t see any thing to throw off the impression, and the flywheel seems way out to the left and isn’t there a gear or something on the right side. just guessing. dick g.

There’s a short throw off lever on the left side at about the front edge of and level with the delivery board. The H-S’s in the links above have one there also. If you look carefully in the top two photos above you can see it. Zooming in helps a little.


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rich, that video is great, now i see the throwoff, but the flywheel still looks way out , looks like the press would tip over. dick g.

Yes, and the inking arrangement seems much different and in this case it seems there should be four rollers. I’d also want to confirm that there is a gear train on the left side since there is obviously nothing on the right to operate the mechanism. Of course, it may be a H-S but a different model/vintage. I’d be nice to get a look at the maker’s name on the casting. I tried to zoom the photo but the resolution is not there. Yeah, a pretty cool video, eh?


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Milford, NJ

It looks like there is a rack on the back side of the front legs to hold 4 ink rollers when not in use.

thanks for all your posts very helpful the video was great I think on reading your comments Ill hold out for a good old adana 8x5 since I know what to look for!

I am from the UK but moved to New Zealand and totally kicking myself for not shipping a press over here as its slim pickings finding one - hence the obscure model I posted here

thanks again!