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Hello All,
I just bought a press (yay!) and bought it under the impression that it was a 12x18 C&P but I pulled out my ruler and the general overall dimensions of “plate” where the chase fits is 12x17. Therefore I can only conclude that this is in fact a 10x15. The problem lies when I try and fit the 10x15 chase in the slot. The chase is the slightest bit too big. What could be the problem? I am worried if I order another chase I will have the same problem. Any ideas?


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If the interference of the chase to the bed is only slight, you might be able to file or grind the chase to fit. It could be the chase you have was designed to fit another similar-sized press, but not the C&P. Otherwise, just check the bed to see if there is a buildup of ink or other crud on the sides. It is also possible, but unlikely that the chase is out of square, which would cause it to bind.

where are you located Nancy, i have 15 or 20 10x15 chases, i’m in southeastern massachusetts, we could exchange your chase for a different one, Dick G.

Thanks for the input. I live in Atlanta, GA. How difficult would an exchange from down here be?


chases generally fit very snug. if you are locking this up side to side, are you possibly expanding the chase too big? either grinding the chase itself or the “stops” for it is probably the easiest fix… good luck!

ericm right, chases fit pretty snug, make sure you are getting it in the press all the way down on the stops, try putting it in a couple of times before you start grinding it, i have had several 10x15 c&p presses over the years, i always save the chases and have never had a problem with a chase not fitting from another press, i must have 25 chases, they all fit the c&p i now have. on my kluge if i don’t get the chase in the press square on the stops on the bottom of the bed the chase will not fit under the clamp, then i have to remove it and try again. if you still have trouble and don’t want to grind the chase we could measure the outside of your chase and i’ll measure one of my chases and see if they are the same, Good Luck Dick G.

Dick G,
I measured the outside dimensions of my chase and the length (left to right) is 17” and the height (top to bottom) is 12.5”. Do those dimensions match yours?

Thanks for checking :)


Nancy, my chases measure the same as yours. when you put your chase in the press make sure your ink rollers are at their lowest point, then lean your chase a little forward toward the platen, with the bottom on the rollers, it should kind of roll into place, then clamp it . if this don’t work, make sure its a c&p, it should say so on the back of the press. try the chase with nothing locked up in it. if you lock it too hard it can expand slightly, if all this fails you might have to grind the chase a little but i think it should fit without grinding. Good Luck Dick G.