My new (old) Chandler and Price

Thought I might post a few pictures of my new press! Found in a garage only an hour from where I live I feel like its meant to be. I’ve never seen a Chandler and Price in real life until I found this one so I’m hoping that its all going to be ok. Its been out of action for at least the last 6 years but moves smoothly and is really quiet. I’m missing the treadle and there are no grippers…
There is a third roller and a feed table but they don’t appear in these piccys. Any issues with printing with 2 rollers?
I’m not taking any chances with fingers and so I’m planning to attend a weekend basic letterpress course in August before I attempt to create anything, and that will give me plenty of time (I hope) to clean it up and source a treadle and grippers.
If anyone can see anything else major missing pleeeease let me know. Any tips for cleaning off surface rust could be handy too.
Not 100% sure what year it is either.

Hope you enjoy looking at my find
Sammy :)

image: IMG_9352.jpg


image: IMG_9351.jpg


image: IMG_9354.JPG


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You can print with two rollers on small forms. Three are needed for larger forms or those with solid areas. But first get those rollers off the ink table. If you keep them on the press they should rest in the middle of the bed where spring compression is the least.

Surface rust responds well to a solution of vinegar and lemon juice (10 to 1) or vinegar and salt. With a steel wool pad and a bit of elbow grease it comes right off. Wipe with a damp rag and dry thoroughly. A light oiling will prevent new rust from forming. Rubber gloves are recommended.

The serial number is on the upper left corner of the bed as you face the machine. A serial number list is here:

If you give an indication of where you are, you may not have to wait until August to get an intro to using your press. There might be a nearby printer willing to show you the basics.

This looks like an old style press with a new style rocker lock and side arms? Was there a time when they were sold this way to use up old style parts? Curious.


I’ve never seen a press quite like this one. I’d be curious to know if it was a manufactured when C&P was transitioning from Old Style to New Series. I notice a couple of New Series castings, but the majority of the press seems to be Old Style.

Very interesting……

always check to see if the rails are even on these platen presses, otherwise you will have problems inking evenly

This is an 8x12, right? I bet the serial number will show it was made in the last year or so of production. I know of two other late-model 8x12 old style presses with new style rocker locks (I hadn’t paid any attention to the side arms, have to check during daylight), While this is hardly a “statistically significant” sampling, I agree with the folks above that it seems likely they were made this way during the transition from old style to new series.

Dave R., San Jose Printers’ Guild

What’s the best way to measure the chase to find out? I got a bit worried there thinking I had a bitza. Thanks for all the advice and info so far, very much appreciated.

Measure the inside of the chase. Grippers are not too hard to make yourself, parts for these presses are still around and can be found, your press looks pretty good. Even the treadle can be made from wood. Good Luck Dick G.

Serial number is
B6361 if that means anything to anyone, I couldnt find it on the lists or perhaps just wern’t reading them right….

B6361 should place it at the very end of the Old Series presses in 1911. The serial number list I believe lists the first number for the year given.

It is an 8x12 press.

Thanks for that Arie, good to know :)
I’m based in Australia and the course in August is the closest and soonest I could find and its in another state! But I don’t mind waiting, like I said, gives me the chance to get her nice and clean and set up my studio space.

Hey Sam,

I think I just sent you a private message on here. Not sure if it went through as it disappeared after I click send.

Could you share the details of the course you found?

I’m also based in Australia.