Chase Latch

Because I am not able to determine the exact brand/model of my press at the moment I am having trouble knowing which chase to purchase. I know that my press is a 10x15 and I have the correct size chase (dimension wise) for a 10x15 but when I try to lock it in the chase it too “thick” to actually lock in place. Could the chase latch be the problem? Also, if this is the case how to resolve this… can I purchase a new one?

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Do you have some pictures?

One of my old presses has a lot of “user made adjustments” on it, and it could be that the latch on yours was altered for a skeleton chase (? not sure on this).

Most likely though is that your chase and press are mismatched. Keep poking around to try and identify the press before you commit to any purchases.

Good luck!

Double post. Sorry!

You can grind a low spot in the outer chase edge for the latch. I have seen this done a number of times.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

That was actually my next step as I am not really concerned with knowing exactly what it is right now. I am just dying to print!. Thanks!