printing plates

I have multiple questions that go together. I am working on a Christmas card on a 5x8 kelsey. I am wanting to put some snow flakes on it. My first question is, is it better to find old printing blocks on the internet or to just bite the bullet and order a base. The next question is where is the best place to find old printing blocks if that is best. Or what is the best place to get a good base. I dont have a lot of cash right now with the recent purchase of the press and accessories.

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I think I would pick or draw an appropriate design and have a mounted magnesium plate made. It will cost you not too much more than a similar-sized photopolymer plate, and you need not purchase a base to use with it.

This will allow you to create exactly the design you want, instead of depending on finding an old plate to use.

This would be a faiurly inexpensive way to get what you need done at this time. When you get the $$$$ together to purchase the proper base, then you can approach the whole thing from a different angle.

I agree with jhenry, check out Also, when you decide on a base check out and their new “chase base”, a far less expensive way to go!! it replaces your chase and you mount the polymer plates directly to it!

I use a Chase Base with my 5x8 and love it.

You could always try carving from linoleum or wood if cost is the main concern!