Die Cutting Jacket - How does it work


Can somebody explain to me how a die cutting jakect works. I have a 10x15 Chandler and Price. TY !

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this one should work…

??? this is not working at all

It snaps on or otherwise attaches to the platen to protect it from the cutting rule. There’s not much to it other than that if you know how to die cut… some people substitute a sheet of steel.

I would be careful trying to die cut on a C&P.

just kidding… a die cutting “plate” is something you want to lay down to protect your original platen. i use a “blue spring steel” plate and tape it down. be careful as your platen height may need to be lowered.

image: plate2.jpg


And the shape that is cut on the jacket…how is it done and who can make those jackets.

TY !

And what about Steel Rule Die Cutting ? Is it good, and is it affordable ?

The die is a shape you want to cut out of a piece of paper, made of type-high steel cutting rule. The die is locked in the press the same as type would be. The die-cutting jacket is a flat sheet of thin steel, usually the size of the platen, that attaches to the platen and prevents the steel cutting rule from damaging the platen. It should have some way to set gauge pins if you are hand-feeding the press sheets.

Die-cutting puts a lot of extra strain on a press and you are likely to damage your C&P’s bearings if you do very much of it.


Bhastian, Bar-Plate is a company that sells jackets and other supplies, I also get my creasing matrix and steel
shim tape from Wagner/Die Supply which is in the Dallas texas area, best james