Where to buy pressboard?


Have my C&P 8x12 all cleaned, oiled and ready to go (hopefully). I have the tympan paper and have been reading up on packing. Where do I find “pressboard”? And is it precut, or do I just cut it to the size of the platen?


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He’s got the red pressboard, tympan and other packing. Looks like you’ll have to cut it down.

A decent substitute for the red pressboard is the green (sometimes blue) heavier file folder. Not the flimsy manila folder. The folder usually has a fabric hinge and the metal prong attached inside. Cut it apart.

OK,, NA Graphics’ proprietor, I gather, has had a stroke recently. I don’t know what the status of Fritz or his business currently is.

American Printing still lists it on their website (for free!), but by email, they no longer sell it.

I know of no other sources for the raw product… and I have been looking.

Per Inky’s post, I checked out Office Max and purchased a package of their “Heavy-Duty Pressboard Report Covers with Fasteners”, item number 401-294. These measure 11 7/16” x 9 15/16”. They mic at .019”.

They come in packages of 5, which gets you 5 single sheets with a useable area of 11 7/16” x 9” and 5 half-sheets which should go about 9” x 6”. One side of the report cover is emobssed (for a label I suppose). The metal fastener is easily removable and can be discarded. I got the red ones, but they come in other colors.

Now, at $12.49 they are kind of expensive, but until Fritz recovers or someone else starts offering the product, this is at least potentially a viable workaround for those of us folks with small presses.

Note that I have NOT actually tried using these on my press yet, and as I am pretty green in this field, I would not be an ideal candidate for evaluating them. In short, “your mileage may vary.”

Gane Brothers & Lane was the traditional wholesale source, but today I can’t find it on their website at all. I did find this:
and if you click the “Find a Merchant” link, there are retail sources listed, but they are for carton quantities.
The only sheets I see on eBay are from the UK, and more expensive than report covers:



Sheet size: 36X24

1 case 125-shts

Full case only $405.70 per case

FOB: Chicago

Once the stock is depleted the item will be discontinued.

This is from my Gane Bros Sales Rep

If you keep your eye out, and don’t need too much, you may run across some in stores and elsewhere, from time to time. I found a sheet among my late father-in-law’s papers when I was getting ready to have them shredded.

Sounds like report covers is going to be the raw material for a while. Anybody in China reading this post? Ready market in the US!

Contact John Barrett at Letterpress Things, he should have some

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Neenah Paper now owns FiberMark. If you have a paper supplier who sells Neenah papers, they may also be able to get you FiberMark’s Pressboard. It’s worth checking with your paper rep, if you have one.

Also, FiberMark will send you up to two free sample sheets of their pressboard. When I did so a couple of years ago, they sent me parent sheets. I still have a couple of makeready-sized peices left from that, but I’ll have to order more soon. Perhaps I’ll contact FiberMark directly and see about buying more than two sheets but less than a case.

Michael Hurley
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Memphis, TN

Pretty sure I have some at my shop. If you haven’t already solved your problem give me a call. Be back in my office tomorrow afternoon.
Cell 516-633-5107

Well, this afternoon when I arrived home, I found a package from NA Graphics leaning against the house. Somebody there filled my order despite the ill health of the proprietor. So I’m good. Hoping Fritz will be back on his feet soon.