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Why do Polar Bars not eat Penguins?

I have found highly-intelligent persons become annoyed when I tell them the answer. Answer (maybe) in a few days’ time.


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they live in different places

they get stuck between their teeth???

they cant get through the wrapper !!

I have drank in a Polar Bar. never seen one eat anything but my money

Actually they did.
But it was the penguins who ate the polar bears on Noah’s ark. Then Noah got furious and said: “Okay, smart guys, when this is all over, you, penguins, move to the south pole and you, the polar bears, to the north one!” That sentence was left out of the later versions of the scripture because no one in the house of David knew what a penguin or a polar bear was.
Enuf of this, let’s get back to printing!

The tuxedo is intimidating.

Best reply:Penguins gather in large numbers, poloar bears are(usually)solitary;they have different habits;you could say they are poles apart.