Documentary: “Farewell, Etaoin Shrdlu”

This documentary film focuses on the day in 1978 when the New York Times changed over from Linotypes to computers. Does anyone know if it is available on DVD or download? I would love to see it. I hear it is excellent.

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It is available from the filmmaker, Carl Schlesinger. Write him at 39 Myrtle Street, Rutherford, NJ 07070. In addition to this film (which is, indeed, a great film) he offers an extensive list of specialized films on hand set type (e.g., ATF’s 1946 “Type Speaks”), hot metal (several on Monotype and Linotype machines), and other historical and technical aspects of the printing crafts.

David M.

David and all,
I wrote to Carl Schlesinger at the address given and I have received no reply. Do you have any other suggestions?

Try calling him! I spoke to him just a few weeks ago.


It should also be noted that when dealing with people and vendors who are off the net, the inclusion of a stamped self-addressed envelope (SSAE) will go a long ways towards getting a response. Otherwise the person has to spend money on a long distance call (they may not have a killer cell phone plan), or provide a return envelope and postage for an inquiry which may not pan out.

SSAE’s (and long SSAE’s—#10 envelope) were common practice 10 years ago (maybe) and certainly 20 years ago, but the modernity and instantaneous nature of the Internet has rather overwhelmed the measured pace of written and mailed communications.

I got my reply from Mr. Schlessinger. I just needed to be patient.
He sent full information.

There is a new film recently out, you’ve probably heard about it, called “Linotype, the film” in search of the eight wonder of the world.
It is a wonderful film.