Linen Cardstock paper (Will it work/produce a nice impression?)


I have a client requesting linen finish (textured) cardstock for a letterpress print job. I have never seen anyone use linen finish for letterpress work. Is there a reason? Does it not work well?

I had suggested to the client that we use a cotton paper (Arturo, Stonehenge, or Lettra), but client is still inquiring about the linen finish. Can anyone tell me if that will work or not without me purchasing a large quantity to sample?

Example of paper can be seen here:

But I believe (excuse me if I am wrong) that it is not letterpress printing on that paper.


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you are right

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linen stock

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yours truly

my favorite paper is linen finish, if you don’t hit it hard enough you can see the finish in the printed type but today everyone hits it hard. most paper will print fine with letterpress.

Ok thanks!

I beg to differ with Dick. IF you were only printing with small type, you might get away with that. But if there are any solid image parts involved, it takes a tremendous amount of pressure/squeeze to overcome the linen pattern showing in the ink.


The same can be said of most tight textured stock even wire laid materials can be troublesome if they are low in moisture and you dont want the blind to read it , I have not had trouble with smaller type sizes and would prefer to avoid printing solids on it , zanders produced a range of linen embossed finish stock but above twelve point you will be winding up your impression and packing would need to be very hard after that , the hammer finish is a little easier to get a presentable finish on .

Rick, i don’t want to print solids on any stock.

Not all linen finish stocks are the same.
I’ve had very good results with Neenah Linen 80lb card stock.
It’s not as “bumpy” as some I’ve seen.

Hi Dick,

I was talking about “solid” areas as in Cooper Black and heavy faces like that.


Newer textured papers are not as textured as they used to be. All to be more compatible with digital printing. Some even have specific digital variants that look textured but don’t really feel it much.

I’ve found most linen covers to be very very had as well and will do a number on your type. I’m not sure if dampening ths will help.