Hamilton businesses card center

How about some eye candy, your full service office business card station. [calling cards in the old days] Daughaday little, drying rack, type setting stone, job case, and some other goody’s.

image: hamilton box 041.jpg

hamilton box 041.jpg

image: hamilton box 027.jpg

hamilton box 027.jpg

image: hamilton box 043.jpg

hamilton box 043.jpg

image: hamilton box 029.jpg

hamilton box 029.jpg

image: hamilton box 031.jpg

hamilton box 031.jpg

image: hamilton box 032.jpg

hamilton box 032.jpg

image: hamilton box 037.jpg

hamilton box 037.jpg

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That is so cool!

I want that!!!

I have serious doubts that this was manufactured by Hamilton. I suspect that the Hamilton handle is something added later.

Is there any other confirmation on this piece? I would he happy to be proven wrong on this opinion.

It is incredibly cool.


Rick, the screen door on my shop has a Hamilton handle, i know they didn’t make it.

The title of this post seems to imply that this wooden cash register box(?) was made by the same Hamilton Mfg Co who made printer’s cabinets and related furniture. Some recognize the difference but others may be mislead. I would prefer to see such objects disclosed as having been a marriage of “this and that” since a primary purpose is this site is the preservation of letterpress related equipment. Disclosure doesn’t take away your usability of the piece but does help to keep history and research honest.