Letterpress/Type shop in Brighton

Hi all,
Am dragging the wonderfully patient boyfriend of a tour of printing sights of the south of England in a few weeks.

A friend mentioned that she had seen a shop in the North Lanes area of Brighton, which had loads of type etc and letterpress goodies for sale. Needless to say I am very interested in making this a stopping point on our tour, but Googling is proving insufficient to locate it.

I wondered if any of you had heard of this shop, and if so, knew the address for it. We are pretty good at going off the beaten track and exploring. Any other suggestions of shops like this would be great too, as we both like a good printing-related road trip!

Thanks everyone :)

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As far as is known, the only print related/sales in the North Laines area of Brighton Sussex U. K. is Snoopers Paradise, which is in fact “A Flea Market” with many stalls, cabinets etc, No Sellers on sight, you pays yer money and takes yer chances, but BE Aware, individual Poster Type letters, are usually priced from £3 UPWARDS, and type cases up to £40 (including Active Woodworm)

A lady who attended an intro to letterpress course I was running a couple of months ago told me of the shop and was going to have a look at the type. She said it was in the old part of Brighton, don’t know where.
It might be paul-robot47 on ebay who sells wood type although if I remember rightly the address on the receipt for something I bought was a Brighton industrial unit.

Lady of kent , Well you cant be a “man ” of kent ,whatever the equivalent is I will get you the details as i have to see him this next few days , it is a bit of a money pit !!

A friend told me of this place and gave me a leaflet. The website is here:

A trip report would be great when you return!


Amberley Museum nr Arundel Sussex, extensive printshop for letterpress just in case you don’t know, check website for details, Thursdays Sats and Suns are good.

Mr. Magpie looks to be a real treat to visit — with a pocketful of cash!


Mick, its nothing to do with Snoopers Paradise, that said Mr Magpies is very near. Its a small shop rammed with allsorts of collectables and printing artefacts. Its quite expensive but the choice is huge. Bloke running the shop is a nice guy too.

I like his magic lantern slides !! (Mr Magpie ) that is .

Thanks all, and sorry for the delay in getting back about this.
It does sound like Mr Magpie’s - thanks for the heads up everyone. Snooper’s Paradise sounds worth a visit too (but perhaps a speculative one).

I will report back on my findings :)

Hoping to visit Amberley at the same time. Exciting!

Best heading to Amberley on a Sat when all the old printing boys are there. You can inspect the Model 78 linotype I donated in my late Fathers name. This machine was in the floods of 2009 in Cockermouth. The team at Amberley cleaned and rebuilt the machine from the ground up. I was really pleased with what they had done down there. Jeremy.

Producers of chip wrapping on saturdays , printers on sundays ………….chuckle chuckle … There is another use for yesterdays paper but i doubt if the U.S will appreciate the description !!(It involves the thunderbox and rusty nail !)

I’ve been to some printshops in the past where the daily rag was used for just that purpose Peter.!

I willl admit to having had to partake of the method in one of those very places , i will add it is a step above the stuff we had when i went to school !! During my training years i printed margaret thatcher through a whole roll of it just so there was some comfort to be had in using it!! some discussion this one has raised here it was called san izel paper evidently !