36 Point Font Identification No. 2

Please help in identifying this font.

Thank you.

image: Font - 02.jpg

Font - 02.jpg

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It really helps to be able to see a full alphabet, caps and lower case, as some letters are more diagnostic than others. This looks similar to but not exactly the same as Helvetica Condensed — at least the lc “a” seems different. Sorry, not much help.


It’s probably Univers 57 Medium Condensed, or Univers LIght Condensed.

Here is another picture of the font.

image: Font - 04.jpg

Font - 04.jpg

The one immediately above the ring binder, possibly??

image: briar press 31 007.jpg

briar press 31 007.jpg

I am inclined to agree with the Univers 57 ID. My initial thought was News Gothic Bold Condensed from Lanston Monotype. However, generally speaking Monotype did not have the depth of drive suggested by the photo, which would suggest it is foundry-cast rather than Montoype-cast.


I have a fairly good run of Univers 57 (and many of the others) and just looked at them to confirm Rich’s observation about the depth of drive. Your font is indeed Univers 57.