Purchasing a 10x15 C&P - treadle or no treadle?

I won’t know for sure if Im actually purchasing until I see it in person, but Im pretty sure it will be coming home with us (making movers arrangements now). I’m waiting on model info back on this press.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t know much about C&P so it’s a catch 22 because I need some experience to know one and need to know one to gain experience… With that said, Im reading a lot of conflicting info on whether the 10x15 can accommodate a treadle. I have read yes, no, and it depends on the model.

Is there a definitive answer out there on this?

Also, I would love any feedback you could provide (based on these not-so-great Craigslist photos!): http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/bfs/4242361711.html


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It depends on whether or not the flywheel shaft has a crank offset in it. If it does, a treadle works; if it is a straight shaft, a treadle is not possible without some major effort. This press clearly has a treadle on it already, based on the photos.

Whoaaa! I’ve looked at the photos and see no indication that the C&P has a treadle on it already (photos #9 and #10). I do see what looks like a brake peddle to the left side.

Once again, you will need to check and make sure that the flywheel shaft has a yoke in it and is NOT STRAIGHT. The yoke is what the treadle would attach to and make to possible to turn the shaft.


I should clarify that the reason Im asking about the treadle is because it has a motor that “may not work” (per the owner). I thought that it may be worth a couple hundred dollars if I could use a treadle, though…

Arie - I don’t see a treadle unless I am majorly missing something?

I think Arie might have seen the foot pedal on the perforator and mistaken it for a press with a treadle, if I had to guess.

I can’t be sure but it looks like there might be a crank on the flywheel shaft partially visible in photo #8. Best thing to do would be to go look at it, though, and check other aspects of the press such as bearing play, etc.


The shaft isn’t visible in the photos, but may well be suited for a treadle. I had an old C&P that had a vacuum pump attached where the treadle would go, hooked up to an auto feeder.

I thought it interesting that the Kluge was shipped from Germany since they were manufactured in Minnesota! Maybe their documentation is for another press no longer in the shop.

John Henry


I wasn’t going to say anything, but you are right. Brandtjen & Kluge (SP?), although sounding very German, were indeed manufactured in Minnesota.


The pictures show a shop gone to seed, and the Craig’s List write up was probably done by a relative cleaning up after dad passed on or has been warehoused some where. These are sad pictures to look at, maybe something our relatives will be dealing with when our time comes (or has gone). At the least we could do while still able is to make a concise and accurate inventory of what we have so the executors of our treasures can dispose of them in an orderly manner. And in some other venue than Craig’s List.


Oops. Sorry. Guess I shouldn’t have looked at this after a long day’s drive from the east coast. I did mistake the perforator pedal for a treadle.