Looking for foil cutter or alternatives

I’m tired of using a hand powered foil cutter and wanted to see what y’all use and like. Any how-to’s to build one myself?

Any old power ones you want to get rid of?

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To clarify, this is to cut hot foil stamp rolls.

What kind of “hand powered” foil cutter do you have? I bought a very old wood lathe at a yard sale for 20 bucks that I rigged up to cut foil. (It has a small motor) I use a utility knife. (must be sharp) It has worked great for 10 years.

I was told a utility knife would melt the foil on a lathe so I haven’t tried it!

It will melt if you have a dull blade with a slow moving lathe. It has to be cut quickly.

Casmit, I’ve got one for sale. It’s an electric powered one, will take up to 24” rolls up to 6” diameter. Only will take 1” cores. I have been using it for about 12 years now, works fine, it was used when I got it, can demo if interested. If interested, call 559 730-1596, California time. Dennis Brian knowes me…. remember Dennis, you bought a Christmas Tree from me. Carl.

Hi Carl. I use that Christmas Tree occasionally. Works great.
My press will only take 1/2” cores of 200 ft. When I get large qty foil jobs, I will have the foil co. cut the foil for me depending on the co. Some charge and some don’t.

Sounds good Carl. I’ll call later today.

Gentlemen I spoke to today said he knew someone that would build foil cutters. He’s looking for the contact info.

Any leads?

Evening casmit
We stock budget foil cutters please feel free to check our website out letterpressservices.com