Curious - what’s the going price on a Heidelberg Windmill 10x15?

Very good condition, fully functioning, still used a few times per month. I’ve looked online and there is a WIDE range of prices out on the web and beyond… I know a lot of it is dependent on what someone is willing to pay. But are we talking a $1-2K… 5-6K… 8-9K… more?

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what’s the serial number?

I don’t have a serial - I’m just wondering “in general.” Is price dependent on serial (year manufactured)?

pricing is hugely dependent on the serial number.

Yes. Serial numbers make a big difference. Is it a black ball model? Red ball? Red ball with roller lockouts? There were a number of improvements made to the windmill over time, so price really fluctuates.

Not to be a smart ass, but I’d expect somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500-6500 for a windmill as described. The former number would be for a very old black ball and the latter figure would be for a nice late model with lockouts.

Hope this helps.

Very helpful - thank you!