V-50 Die Cutting Consistency

Hi, I’m pretty new to this, but I have a V-50 I use exclusively for die cutting. Recently tried a new job that has horizontal rules cutting 14 pt coated stock. The vertical rules cut fine, but the horizontal rules don’t cut well unless I increase packing enough to crash the die. Seems like something has too much flex. Should I be looking at bearings? Or… Not sure where to go from here. Considering running the job at an angle.

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I have no advanced knowledge of the V-50, but I think you’re on to something with the angle solution.


rule across the cylinder should be a few thou higher than the rules around it. Less packing and try steel shim tape under the rules that go across the cylinder. Bar plate sells steel shim tape in various thickness. .002 or .005”

Also note that speed can change the performance of a cutting die on a cylinder press. Horizontal (across cylinder) cuts take much more impressional strength that vertical cuts.

Also remember that your make ready will “fade” after the first couple hundred impressions, to expect to deal with that situation.

Used to runs of 100k sheets on verticle. when around rules cut good then add steel shim tape to across rules on back of die(used sticky steel shim tape from bar plate) had to repeat every 6 weeks used same die and same makeready seldom had to adjust.

Thank you, sounds like the idea!!