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Try increasing the humidity near the...1 Jan
lease try [email protected]15 Jul
lease try [email protected]15 Jul
I live in Queensland and maybe I can...11 Jul
where in oz are you?11 Jul
If you are only doing short runs, 4,000...15 Apr
I ran those presses for many years and...17 Nov
in days gone by comps used to put a few...11 Oct
All rollers should be the same size...22 Sep
I ran Heidelberg cylinders for many...9 Jun
The rubber band also works on the...6 Apr
I ran an Heidelberg two colour cylinder...29 Mar
Before I retired the company I worked...15 Mar
Parallel_ impression, you are probably...15 Nov
Polymer plates can be used on...13 Nov
I ran Hidies commercially for many...19 Jul
It is also called Turps in O.Z. which...6 Jul
When I was an apprentice aged 15 yrs. I...15 Nov
All rollers on your platen should be...2 Jul
When I was working we had several red...19 Mar
You will find that on the the Heidi...26 Jan
Many moons ago when I was an apprentice...25 Jan
It's a slug cutter19 Dec
All rollers on your press are the same...6 Dec
Hi, just a quick tip from an oldie, in...25 Sep
Hi, just a quick tip from an oldie, in...25 Sep
where abouts in OZ .are you?23 Sep
Perhaps an old timer living close to...9 May
on most redballs there is a slot on the...12 Apr
I used to have a special tool. It was...4 Apr
having read the three comments so far...15 Jan
Are there any letterpress print shops...8 Jan
I take it that you are using brass...7 Jan
is your forme type high17 Dec
In the late fifties I ran a ce Kelly...12 Oct
All packing on a cylinder press should...19 Sep
On the base of the pump on my platen...20 Jul
The ink doctor on the h/platen is hard...27 Jun
I have run millions during my 40 years...25 Mar
Basic clamshell platen practice, if...28 Jul