B.Grauel & CO KG Press from Berlin(?)

Hi everyone!

I came across this little press online and I’ve tried to figure out what kind of press it is(its quite far away and I haven’t been able to see it personally).

I’ve seen there has been a previous discussion of a press of this producer but unfortunately the picture wasn’t available anymore and thus I couldn’t verify if the model is the same.

The guy selling it has no clue what it is and told me it was a small printing press for letterpress printing but I’ve read some conflicting informations.

Can anyone help?


image: 17_-1405048228.jpg


image: 17_-1016603729.jpg


image: 17_1573113688.jpg


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This is likely the best source of info on this type of press.


Looks like a German made one, they were also made by Apex Machine in New York.
Used for printing labels on things, parts did not need to be flat.
Rather unique uses a right reading plate and prints to that rubber coated sponge on handle then you take you object you want printed and press it on the sponge. Not going to be good for paper maybe some other odd stuff.

As the previous commentators have said, it’s an older-style marking press. It’s a form of pad printing press. Pad printing is used to print on things like bottles, cans, mugs, etc. Anything that isn’t flat and/or can’t be fed through a “regular” press mechanism. Modern pad printing is sometimes done with special pads that wick ink directly though them and out through a cover similar to a silk-screen. Other methods are similar to this machine, but use photopolymer or steel plates to transfer the ink to the pad. This older mechanism uses special type instead. It also appears to be missing it’s chase.

To do standard letterpress printing with something like this machine would require replacing the pad platen with one that can hold tympan and packing. Not impossible, but not simple, either.

So, yes, in a way it’s a small letterpress machine. It’s just a very specialized one that would likely be very difficult to convert to general use.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
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Hi everyone,

thanks so much for all the helpful comments! Finally it all makes sense….I kind of suspected that something wasn’t quite right with this strange looking tympan plus the guy selling it told me it comes with other equipment, he described it as rubber cliches….kind of.

I think I am going to pass on this one as I would have only wanted to use it as a small carry along press for events. So if anyone is interested I am happy to put you in touch with the seller(the chase exists but wasn’t put in for the picture the seller told me)!

Thanks so much again for your help and advise!

Best regards,