Letterpress-related names for a dog

Hi All
I recently lost my faithful printing companion Vinnie and will be getting a new puppy in about 8 weeks (I could never replace him but someone new to love will help to fill the void left by his loss) I thought that there was a post a while back regarding printing-related names for dogs but can’t seem to find it. I’m open to any and all suggestions if anyone would like to post them here, or send me in the direction of the past post.

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Pi, wrong font, almost any press name or tool name would work.

Reglet. :o)

If he’s lethargic, you can call him Slug.

If he tends to bite, you can call him Frisket.

Ooh, Frisket is a good name!

Is she a girl? Call her Heidi.

How about *Deputy* as in faithful side kick.?? Sort of would roll of the tounge, calling the *hound* to heel, unless one is Paris Hilton, and carrying it, in ones Handbag, or Clutched to Ones Bosom.
Or *Deputy* as in Deputy F. O. C. (Deputy, Father of the Chapel) Second in command. Sorry only vague and tenuous link to print, *Pica* *Deep Impression* *Run On* *Photopolymer* *Double Impression* and many many more similar dont seem to fit the bill or be suitable for Dogs names.
How about 2 initials from print related expressions, D.I. as in Deep Impression or similar.? If the new dog or bitch is to be Your Princess, calling DI, to heel may have ring to it.


koyn kee (I know, I can’t spell) :)

If there were 2 dogs they could be Chandler & Price.

It might not work for a dog, but my grey cat is named Galena (after the ore of lead).

David M.

I feel your pain, Steve.
Chase might work… Kern might be cool…

There are so many possibilities!

If it’s a party loving dog, “Bartelmas” after Wayzgoose day. “Point” works if it’s a pointer. “Chase” if s/he likes running after rabbits and gophers. If s/he’s a bit slow or like Mike Stivik, “Dingbat” works. If it all turns out really bad, you could go with “Offal” ;-) . And just think of the possibilities with fount names… from Antiqua to Zapf. Let us know what you come up with!

Washup? Something you do after printing, and puppies

Swash? - A character with a tail…

Wow! Thank you for all of the great suggestions! Frisket made the top two, but the final choice is Augustus (Auggie) Swash DeCoco - he will definitely be a character! Pi, Chase, Chandler, Price and Pearl were also runners up. Here’s a photo of the little guy…
Thanks again everyone!

image: image.jpg


Maybe you should name him hickey or spot (color) lol cute pup!

Good ones, Girl! I especially like hickey, for when I get frustrated with him - damn hickey! I certainly said that enough times during my offset printing days!

How about “Digbat”?

Sorry, that was “Dingbat”

Hey he’s got an ink spot on his back…Should have named him Blotter…