Restored Heidelberg T Platen

One of the very last Heidelberg platens has been restored to all its beauty. Will form part of the museum. In 1985 the last of the venerable “Tiegel” platens left Weisloch, West Germany. This is one of the last.

image: DSC_4072.jpg


image: DSC_3614.jpg


image: DSC_4015.jpg


image: DSC_4032.jpg


image: DSC_4057.jpg


image: DSC_3860.jpg


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Nice work! This motivated me to take all the junk out of my tool drawer and put everything back correctly.


Hi Nick, what a beautiful press. Wish mine was as nice, I use mine just about every day. Was this stripped and refurbished in your shop? Congrats, Bob Mann

Thats an amazing site

Hi Bob and fellow Platen lovers. We did an almost complete strip-down, split the inker, dry iced the whole press, re-ground the fountain roller and fixed the wobbly guarding as it was when new. The register bar screws were replaced and pump rebuilt. We have the original paint from Germany so this adds a measure of completeness. The platen will sit next to a 1976 KSD, which we have also just restored, Photos of the KSD are also on our website. Thanks to all of you for your generously kind comments.