This is a Printing Office - 2 color broadside

I printed Beatrice Warde’s “This is a Printing Office” to hang in my shop. It was printed this past summer on my Vandercook No. 4.

The short video shows the second color (red) being printed. The typeface used is my digital version of Goudy’s Bertham, which I drew years ago, before it was available commercially.

The music was recorded at the Carillon Tower at Stephen Foster Folk Culture State Park with Andrew Carnegie’s c.1900 Steinway piano (played by Jan Krautheim) and hammered dulcimer (played by me).

Michael Vickey

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Very nice video of your production of the broadside. Of course it carries a wonderful sentiment, and certainly deserves a proud placement in your shop.

John Henry

Nice video, Michael!

Thank you, John and em.

I think the poster’s words from Beatrice Warde are profound - and needed to be displayed in my shop.


Was there a previous or later version of that saying? I have one displayed in my shop, and its a little different. Not quite as long, or schmaltzy. I thought mine had come from the museum of typography, but not sure now.

Very likely the MOST reprinted broadsheet/poster ever! I would guess that there have been hundreds of versions of this printed over the decades, and many of them have been done in different languages.

I too have been guilty of this exercise. It is truly a CLASSIC.