1901 C&P Fly-Wheel Not Turning??

Hi guys…

I am a newby and not all that familiar (yet) with the mechanical aspects of the C&P presses. Today I met a gentleman who is selling an 1901 C&P 10x15, it doesnt look that bad considering it has sat in his warehouse for the past 40years (mostly surface rust and just dirty with no motor).

However the fly-wheel turned just a fraction and that was it!! All 3 rollers are on top position of the disk, probably for the past 40 yrs.. I am sure problem could be caused from all the rust and other crap that has built up, but whatelse should I be aware of??
What advise would you give a newly and where do I start trying to free her up??>> I sure dont want to go breaking things!! -

I will try to post pics tmrw..

Thank you and I know I came to the right place, love this site already!!!

paperjam ( minus the paper on this issue!!)

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Oil, oil, and more oil 30 or 50 full synthetic oil.

It’s likely that if the rollers have been sitting on the ink disc for 40 years they’re stuck there firmly and that will prevent the press from turning over. Probably not the rust or other issues like that if the flywheel turns a bit. You might try disengaging the rollers from the roller hooks (carefully as the springs are pretty strong) so that they are not in action and see if that frees the press up. If so you may have to chip them off the disc and cleaning the residue off will need care to avoid damaging the disc surface.

Don’t make the mistake of using oil initially. Use a good penetrating oil first like PB Blaster or liquid wrench. These products are formulated exclusively for this event. The molecules in the product are smaller and will soak deep into offending rust to make it more pliable on itself. Apply in copius amounts everywhere metal has to grate on metal especially in the oil holes. Old oil will have turned to parafin in these places and penetrating oil will desolve or soak through it. If possible apply it a few times a day for up to a week before trying to operate rusted parts. When properly lubricated the machine empty should turn over with no more resistance than the mere weight of the parts. Good luck! feel free to text me if you need urgent or real time advice. roger, printer’s iron, 317.502.2345

Well… I started out by using PB Blaster (2cans) then found and cleaned out all the oil holes.. I have been oiling and PBing for 2 days.. I figure I will just keep on until like Roder said -

However, it wasn’t turning all the way around on day 1 and I guess I applied too much force because I broke the Throw Off saddle bracked at the top where it connects to the shaft. I am thinking the press was stuck on impression at time of the break, the throw off handle wasnt moving either. After the throw off arm was disconnected, she turned over.. and after I have applied all the BP and oil, she is turning rather easily.

So now for the rookie questions : Did the bracket break because the impression was ‘stuck’ in the on position? Does the shaft (where my bracket broke) acually move and maybe it has seized up???? I have looked and studied the press but can not figure out what makes the Platen in gauge and disgauge from the chase.(on and off impression)??
I am going to youtube so see if I can find any videos of the press up close in motion.

I hope to find another saddle bracket or have mine fixed, I just need to fix the initial problem… I also have read it could have been caused because the press wasnt level.. it’s sitting at a little slant in the driveway.. (the bubble on the level is just outside the center marks).

I really want to say thanks to everyone helping… This is a total different press compared to the offset 6 colors I ran.. I’d rather turn wrenches than push buttons!!


>>”I have looked and studied the press but can not figure out what makes the Platen in gauge and disgauge from the chase.(on and off impression)??”<<

The two link bars attach to the ends of transverse shaft (below the ink disk) off-center, such that when the shaft turns, the eccentric motion draws the bed closer to the platen.


Any idea why the press wouldnt turn the full rotate, had resistance then the saddle bracket broke?>. Could it be because the press was not 100% level?? Like I said, it was at a very, very slight angle.. Come to think of it, it wasnt fully wanting to turn when I rescued it and it was level then. ….. It turns great now that the trhowoff is disconnected..
Another thing I notices, looks like the wheel has a lilttle wobble, not sure if that is a bad sign or what…??

sounds like either the back shaft is frozen or one or both of the side arms on that end are.

ericm……..I am guessing the back shaft is the shaft where the saddle bracket is attached(or in my case, broken)?. That is not moving at all. - I’ve oiled,pb blasted and thought everything was moving well.

Now that the throw off is disconnected at the saddle bracket, the press seems to be rotating fine. Could the side arms be siezed with the press still rotating??.. I feel pretty stupid here.. sorry.

I just sat the saddle bracket back in place for the pics..

the press was just found after 40 years of sitting in an old printshop.. it look pretty darn ugly with that ole green shop paint!!

image: 20141110_182855_resized.jpg


image: 20141110_182845_resized.jpg


yes. that is the back shaft. this shaft and linkage are what make the press go on and off impression. check your side arms that attach to each end of this shaft. one or both are frozen, causing the shaft to turn with the angle of the arm, putting pressure on pictured linkage. you should be able to loosen end caps on arms and move them in and out easily.