Interesting Press for sale U.K.

Press for sale, on EBay, allegedly Adana!!!, out of Bristol U.K. Allegedly finishes 13.00 ish U.K. time, something very interesting about who is bidding against whom, and how much per bid etc etc etc, (funny looking Adana as well) played the game for a short time this eve with help!!! by one who knows the ropes, and did a little checking & cross checking, few surprises, what luck.????????

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If that’s Adana, it’s not a Model I’ve seen, even if I Squintani closely… (actually the cut-outs fox me).
Any ideas? (Yes, odd bidding)

Link or at least auction number?

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Its a Model 3. Squintani. Made in UK.


Made £192.

Why is the bidding odd? Someone is upping their bid until they get to highest bidder. But they didnt win it.

The price Adanas are going for this is a good buy even once rollers have been made. The Model 3 is a sturdier press and provides a better impression, although a bit heavier to operate.

It is a Model no 2 size with a cap A on the side according to the seller. I think it was a copy with the holes and the bolt on counter weights so it was not one of the Squintani> Model Printing Press Company>and whoever came next line.

I have no idea who made Model lookalikes, I’ll check in St Brides.

Thank you to all foregoing *Postees* would be nice to know the real deal, possibly/eventually. Annoying and frustrating whichever side of the fence one is on, perhaps *Mr. *X* or Messrs, *X* *Y* or *Z* may venture out of the woodwork to put the record straight.???

Excelsior Print Supplies made the later ones, I have a few of their catalogues and it was still available in the 1960s. Apologies I thought it looked like a no3 in size. J.

Hi Guys,

I think this thread is actually about the press I bought this year.

It came from Bristol, cost me £192 and has holes in the main body and uppercase A’s in the casting.

As you had guessed it isn’t an adana, it is actually a Model 2 clone, St Brides were able to tell me that much but couldn’t give me anymore specific information.

Apparently the clones were made when the original patents ended.

When I went to pick it up, I was told by the seller that it had been given to him by an old guy he knew a few years ago, and had been in his shop window ever since, he had hoped to refurbish it himself and get it working again but due to a number of reasons hadn’t got around to it, I guess he had had enough of it sitting about so decided to ebay it (latter he told me he had also considered scrapping it!)

On collection, the press action worked easily, but the rollers where perished. The machine itself was covered in a strange dark brown crust and was just generally grotty not to mention the classic rusty bits.

The following day I set about documenting and dismantling it, piece by piece. Over the next two months I stripped each part back to bare metal, and repainted it. During the clean up, I discovered the machine was painted a dark olive green, either originally or by the last owner, as there doesn’t seem to be any more information available I decided to honer the machines heritage and paint it a similar shade. (The crust made it hard to colour match but I did what I could) Its now painted the same green that the Southern Steam railway trains are painted.

Once all the bits where painted, and the nuts and bolts de-rusted! it was time to rebuild.

It went back together beautifully and a few months later I was able to fit fresh new rollers thanks to Ellie Evans.

The press is now, fully working and hugely pampered! nicknamed Arabella, I am getting some beautiful impressions off of it and have started making christmas card packs.

The images attached to this post are, the press on ebay. a press like mine being used in a school room at some point in history and, what it looks like now.

my next project is a Model 3 (a real one) but it is in a far sadder state and is missing the disk, chase and one of the roller grippers - from what research I have done, these parts are going to be hard to find!!

Anyway, I hope this is interesting to someone!

image: Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 20.41.18.jpg

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 20.41.18.jpg

image: Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 20.32.01.png

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 20.32.01.png

image: Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 19.48.36.png

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 19.48.36.png

…so helpful, the order of images is reversed!

An even worse condition Model 3 has turned up on eBay. Missing a roller arm assembly, chase, ink disk, gripper bar and grippers and the rollers. It does have a unique feature of a slab of concrete bolted in the base.

Provided you have the bales on your Model 3 make a chase out of ply, add two rubbers bands to the platen to hold your stock, hand ink your job and you have a usable press.

image: Model_No_3.JPG


Mick can make discs