Challenge 305 H power cord help

I recently purchased a used Challenge paper cutter style H size 305. It is in fair condition but missing the power cord to plug it in. Does anyone here have any information on what size cord I need? Is it a standard size plug or 3 phase etc…?
Also is this something I can instal on my own with very little electrical experience?
Any advice would be wonderful!

image: image1.JPG


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Check the motor rating — if it’s 120 single phase it’s simpler than if it’s 240 3 phase. I’d start by ringing out the switch box to try to determine where the input voltage connections are. I’d also check to be sure the switch contacts aren’t damaged or otherwise compromised — after seeing that blackening beside the “Start” button. Something like that may be the reason it’s been discarded.


Thanks Bob @AdLibPress

I looked at the switch and it was just a shadow and dust. No burned out contacts and the wiring looks really nice and clean.
I found the badge on the motor and it says VOLTS 220/440. It means little to me but maybe an electrician can explain it?

I also found a schematic on the switch box lid but can’t make sense of it with my electrical knowledge or lack of.

image: image3.JPG


It’s hard to be sure from here but it looks like terminals T1 and L1 are wired on the switch, so it may be three-phase, since the diagram says those aren’t used in single phase. The motor plate should also say whether it’s a single phase or 3-phase motor. I’m not sure but I thought 3-phase is typically 230 or 240 volts, not 220. But if it’s 3-phase I think you should get an electrician to wire it up for you. 220V single phase is tricky enough, because the two hots and the neutral need to go to the right terminals. Sorry I’m not more help — I’m not an electrician, though I have wired stuff like this myself.


Thanks a ton BOB

I will look closer at the motor and definitely have a professional come and make repairs.

Looks like the motor is 6.8/3.4 amps and phase 3.

Is there anyone here in Portland OR that that could recommend a electrician best suited for this sort of repair?

That is a multi tap wiring schematic. It shows it in the diagram for the SWITCH ONLY. You need to know what the Motor is rated for.
If the Motor says 120v/208v is 3 Pole, 3 Phase
220v/440v is 2 Pole Single Phase

Hire a Electrician. I call it expensive Insurance. I service these things all the time after the customer blew it up because of the lack of knowledge or understanding of Electricity.

Good Luck

don’t mess with electricity if you are not positive in what you are doing. mistakes here can be dangerous, expensive, and even make the evening news……..

Thanks so much for all the advice and pointing me in the right direction. I am close to solving the riddle. No crash course on wiring this beast.