Max Sheet Size on Heidelberg 10x15

Hello -

The Heidelberg manual says the maximum sheet size you can run through the press is 10.25 x 15. I’m only printing a 6 x 9 area on a 10.25 x 15 sheet. I’ve never run such a large sheet. Do you think I’ll have any problems with the max sheet size? I know I’ll have to manage the tail end of the sheet. Thanks for your help.

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No? No problem or don’t try it? :)

Depending on the weight of stock, you may want to run the delivery blast to keep the sheet from “sagging” down in the delivery (tail hanging up).

If you remove the pin that is the stop (and keeps the delivery fence from falling out of it’s slot) you can squeeze a little extra length out. Of course you will not increase the printed image area, but can squeeze a little more out of the press. I know a person who does this for numbering/perforating ballots.

you can do it

probably, depending on weight of the stock, want to run a bit slower.