Side guide and gripper timing - Heidelberg Platen

My press is severely dinging every sheet with the side guide. I’ve isolated the problem to being that, while printing w/ guides, the gripper grabs the sheet after impression and begins to move towards delivery before the side guide has withdrawn out of the way. Is there any way to adjust this timing?

I’ve certain that this is when it is dinging the sheet because despite the mangled edge, the prints are in perfect register. I’ve also watched from the delivery side as the side guide pops away from the gripper after the sheet is pulled against it. The occurs at any position of the side guide, all the way out and in.

I know the side guide and bottom guides are all mechanically linked but I’m just not sure where this can be adjusted.

I’ve searched for previous discussions on this topic and found none, so please forgive if this has been covered before. Thanks!

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Just grasping but any chance the guide mechanism needs to be oiled? Maybe it’s sticking a little.

I find when I run heavy sheets they get slightly dinged, but nothing too noticeable, and I always trim down anyway.

Check the gripper opening cams. Take the top of the gripper unit and inside there are two adjustable cams, if I remember rightly the gap should be 2 thou.