heidi cylinder “KS” one color

hello, 15” x 20”/ 38mm x 52mm. i thought this was a KSB but number on the side only has a KS prefix.
Can anyone out here give me pointers on taking off the whole top end, feed transfer section?
I need to get down into the drive shaft for the delivery chains and sprockets. if i started a week ago, and brought food and water, i might have squeezed in there by now, without removing this section.
I am most concerned about something “flying out of time”.
i know how to do timing marks on gears and all that. i just need to know what to expect if i unbolt this whole thing and lift it off the press.
Thanks, Eric.

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These folks say they offer free technical support for Heidelberg cylinders and platens:
There is a service manual for the S cylinder to be found at Letterpress Commons, but I haven’t seen anything for the KS, beyond the normal Operation and Parts manuals.
I’ve never had to do much inside my KS, but I’d point out there are threaded pins in many places. They are removed with the appropriate nut.

k… thanks… i will look them up…. i hope i turn out to be “the appropriate nut” for trying this….

The machine allready has timing marks on the gears, if you still need advice B&H Print Engineers have over 30 years of working on letterpress heidelberg machines.
[email protected]
a family business allways willing to give advice

In my opinion the parts manuals aren’t great for figuring out how to take things apart on the cylinder presses as they don’t show exploded views of anything.

iirc the register board does not have anything attached to it. remove all the guides and things above it and the bolts holding it in place and it will come right out.

The problem you will find is there is so much of the press under the feed board you still won’t be able to get to the chain sprockets. This is the one time the photo from the parts book IS helpful. What you see in the attached image is what you’ll see after you remove the registration board.

It looks like there’s a whole lot that goes through the side cases of the press. A very serious undertaking to say the least.

What is it that your looking to fix deep in these bowels of the press?

image: Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.32.47 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.32.47 PM.jpg

Sprockets for delivery chains: at some point in time, someone has knocked out the taper pins. installed are “roll” or “spring” pins. one of them has sheared and the gear on op side has gone out of alignment with gear side. the pin needs to be removed, on both sides, in my opinion. touched up with a taper reamer, and proper pins installed. this should bring sprockets back into alignment