Help Restore The Sherwood Press

We have a live Indiegogo campaign aimed at raising funds to help restore our historic 75-year-old cedar cabin, which is in serious need of repair. We are replacing an 8-foot window and the wall below – both rotten – removing an enormous fir tree that imperils the building, and replacing rotten siding and painting the building. It will take the help of our local community in Olympia, Washington but also friends from afar. We have great perks, too. Check us out! Many thanks! Jami

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A fund raising project to rehab your cabin? What’s this got to do with letterpress printing?

I’m a sucker for an old building, especially if it is an old print shop. Count me in- just sent a little contribution. I wish you the best of luck with your renovation. The foundation will surely be happy not to be fighting that fir tree any longer.


@LetterpressDad, a minute of research shows that the fundraiser is for necessary repairs to a 75-year-old print-shop.

Donations toward the repairs are rewarded with printed goods and classes, seems more than reasonable to me.

@LetterpressDad You should go read about the campaign. It has everything to do with Letterpress Printing.

I don’t think it’s my job to “research” a post asking for money to see if its got anything to do with letterpress or printing. The original post on briarpress said nothing about printing, a printshop or anything other than please give me money to restore my cabin. The original post needs to connect the dots, which it didn’t.

Moreover, I not so happy with the piling on - I asked a matter-of-fact question: what restoring my cabin had to do with printing? A simple response by the original poster explaining why the post was appropriate on briarpress would have been fine. I think my question was reasonable and take offense at those who want to lecture me about what i should do. Maybe you shouldn’t be looking for a evil motive when there was none.

@LetterpressDad I don’t think anybody was lecturing. You asked a question, which showed you were curious. I replied with a good answer - go read about the campaign. No need to repost all the info that’s in the campaign or video about the project.

Regarding the post being related to printing. This is Briar Press… I think most people assume if someone is posting here and has an established account, it has something to do with printing.

I’m sorry if my reply sounded rude - It wasn’t meant to be.