Windmill auto stop

Hello all

I am having a hard time with my Heidelberg windmill missed sheet auto stop. I have replaced all my hoses with the recommended hose from Wittenberg. Both brass filters are clean and in good shape.
If I adjust the bolt in the photo I can get it to either run without sopping or stop on every sheet. I can’t seem to find the middle ground where it functions properly.
Any ideas??

Thank you

image: IMG_1409.jpg


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you need to check the manual I am sure you are adjusting the wrong bolt

I have adjusted the “Thumb Screw” that adjust the sensitivity of the feeder knock off with no success.
The bolt in the photo adjusts the position of the rocker(T1649) that trips the feeder (the brightest part in the second image) It is the only thing I can think of that might be a problem other than something inside the mechanism (T1609) I can’t see.
There is some wear on the part in the first image(T1647) but I really don’t feel it is the issue.

image: IMG_1411.jpg


image: IMG_1410.jpg


If the press has been sitting for a long time before purchase, there could be some internal gumminess. Disconnect the hoses and flush mineral spirits through the body of the unit while working the operating plunger. When dried out, use light oil on the plunger and see if that doesn’t settle it down.

Thanks Mike!
The press sat idol for about two years before I got my hands on it. I’ll Give that a try.

I cleaned out the unit per Mikes instructions and ran a job last night. Everything worked as it should!

Thanks again!

Brer, would you mind describing in more detail the exact steps you took to fix your issue? Thanks in advance!

It’s so, so comforting to know there are people on this forum with the right advice at the right time regarding things like this.

Which unit did you flush out?

I flushed out where white hose comes in and where the brass filter is on top.

I think this solved most of the problem.

I would only recommend adjusting the screw in the earlier picture after checking the hoses for leaks, cleaning the filters and flushing out this unit.

image: IMG_1450.jpg


And I agree. It is good to get sound advice and the feedback to know it worked.

I have run several thousand impressions after this and the auto stop is working well.