Quick video of some print work

Recently imprinted 10,000 business cards on a tabletop Hohner. Did some short video while doing so and pieced it together here:


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How’s that left elbow feeling?

Could the job have been run 2-up?……..
that would reduce the number of pulls by 50%!

Fun too you while it lasted I bet. That size card would have ran on a windmill. But, at Ten up it would have been done in less than an hour.

Note that the description of the Youtube video states the cards were pre-printed. He was overprinting just the contact info in the top corner of the card, above the calendar. I’d say the stock came to Lammy already cut to final size.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Thanks for posting your video.
I keep saying to people who use a press that has roller hooks, if there are only a few lines to print use just one roller, for some reason they insist in putting on two and in one case three.
You have shown that one roller is sufficient for a small job.

How many days did it take?
I printed 4,000 business cards on my 8x12 with a motor and my back was killing me from standing in one spot for a long time.

The end of the video says it took 3 days to print all 10,000.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Hi All, Thanks for the comments.

The cards were provided already cut down to finish size.

Four lines of 9pt type. One roller was more than enough to make coverage, and even then I had to watch over inking.

I managed to complete all 10,000 imprints within 3 days. 2-3 hours at a time, then a break. Standing to do it was actually very hard, once I found a stool that worked it was much easier. After that figuring out just how to handle the cards so I wasn’t smearing them was a challenge. That’s why in the video you see me sort of “flick” them off the platen into a box.

I would have preferred to do this on the motorized Golding I have. The belt was being temperamental and did not want to stay on track however. The way the motor is mounted now there is no adjustment to it, and the wood base it is on is pretty well hacked up from what I assume are previous attempts. I have found some decent pre-made adjustable mounts, just need to spec out the distance of the motor mounting holes.