Broken C&P Platen Table Top

Hello Letterpress World,

I am working at a nonprofit printshop in Philadelphia where there is a beautiful C & P platen press in need of repair, and I believe it is fixable!

See pictures below.

I talked to one metal worker who says he can tap the press bed and replace the existing bolt to a longer verson running through the arm, into the broken piece and resting in the press bed.

Any thoughts?



image: IMG_3337.JPG


image: IMG_3301.JPG


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I’d say that’s probably a reasonable solution. Keep in mind, though, that this portion of the press is under stress when the form is being printed. My guess is someone got a little too eager with deep impression or a large form and the Pilot wasn’t up to the task. It may have been a long time coming—but be sure to treat the cause and not just the symptom.

You might also try T&T Press Restoration ( as they often have just about every spare part imaginable for a C&P Pilot.

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Brad’s advice is the only right way to go — replace the part. That area is the most highly stressed on the press,and tapping into the platen (what you are calling the press bed, I believe) would immobilize it, and it needs to be adjustable. If you are lucky you can find a replacement that matches the press — the designs changed subtly over the years and matching that one may be challenging. But I would not try to repair this break. If you do, I would suggest a hole drilled following the angle of the end, a steel rod inserted snug into the hole,and the entire end forge brazed, ensuring that the brazing rod melts thoroughly and penetrates the joint completely to bond it firmly together.


We have more than one Pilot rocker in need of this very repair. We are currently discussing a strategy for a suitable repair. When I know more I’ll post. For now, save the pieces.


T and T Press Restoration

Thanks Tom!

here in the Milwaukee, Wis. area, we have some very good welders who have become adept at fixing cast. The problem is, the finished part likes to “drift” as the heat and cooling cycle happens. the pin area would prob have to be turned down to recenter, and re-align, then a sleeve over it to bring back to size. the fact that it broke into the frame area rather than the pin base, would indicate the pin is strong enough. a reduction in diameter might not hurt it much. it is gamble repairing this any way you look at it. just need to go with best bet.

To all who are interested in our table top rocker repair for any of the presses with side arms attaching the rocker to the yoke… C & P Pilot, O.S. and N.S. Craftsmen Superior O.S. and N.S., C & M Columbian and the Hohner.

Go to our website and view the repaired rocker. Click on the topic Repair and Fabrication Services, or use the link below.

Send us a few photos of your break for a quote to repair.

Tom & Terri
T and T Press Restoration

Here are the photos of the O.S. Pilot rocker repair. Should your platen press with side arms require this type of repair contact us.


T and T Press Restoration


image: 2163.jpg


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image: 2161.jpg